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Frequently asked questions
Which library systems do you interface with?
Our automated system can interface with all of the generally accepted standards. Some of the library management systems we work with are:  Geac, Aleph, Sirsi Dynix, Innopac, Pica/Sisis, Talis and Voyager.
What is Houtschild’s VAT number?
VAT number: NL006859926B01
Can we pay our invoices in Sterling, SEK, etc?
Houtschild has bank accounts in many European countries, i.e. UK, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece. Details of these bank accounts are specified on the invoices we send with deliveries.
What is Houtschild’s SAN or EAN?
SAN: 1000152, EAN: 5013546053477.
If you wish to set up a connection with our FTP server, please contact your Account Manager. We will set up a mailbox for you and give you the password, username and server details when the account is ready.
Can we still send orders with 10-digit ISBNs after January 2007?   
We can deal with both 10-digit and 13-digit ISBNs.  Our system has been adapted to convert 10-digit ISBNs into 13-digit ISBNs.  

How do we obtain a login and password for the Order Tracing System / New Title service?
Please send a login and password of your choice to your Account Manager.  You will receive confirmation when the account is ready for use.
Does Houtschild supply non-book materials, such as dvds, videos, maps, cd-roms, catalogues?
Yes, we supply all media, printed or otherwise.
How do we return unwanted or faulty books?
Please contact your Account Manager. He or she will be able to decide on the best course of action.
What countries can you supply materials from?
We can supply materials from all over the world. That includes eastern Europe, Russia, and the Americas.
Which languages can you supply?
Houtschild can supply materials in all the European languages, including English. Our staff is multilingual.
Which subjects can you supply?
Houtschild can supply all subjects.
Can we order, cancel, claim or search for books online?
You can use the Order Tracing System on our website to track your orders. You can also use the Order Tracing System to order and claim books. There are several access levels (read-only, ordering, user administration etc. Our database with millions of titles is part of the Order Tracing System.
How do we go about ordering out-of-print titles?
Please send your order as usual, but indicate that you want us to supply an antiquarian copy. If possible, please give an estimated or maximum price as well.
What do we have to do to get our books serviced?
Houtschild would like a detailed description of the library’s requirements, with examples if possible. All stamps, triggers and stationary, such as date labels and book plates should  be provided by the library. Houtschild will provide the plastic covers for paperback books, if required. Any charges for servicing will be confirmed by your Account Manager beforehand.
Can HIB provide electronic journals?
Yes, as preferred supplier of both Elsevier and Springer, we supply not only their publications, but all e-journals. We can also supply electronic access to printed subscriptions.
Can we check progress of Standing Orders and Journals online?
Our Order Tracing System also has details of Standing Orders and Journals.
Does HIB offer a consolidation service for Journals?
We will be pleased to consolidate your subscriptions. Please ask our Journals department for details.
Can we pay our invoices with a creditcard, or purchasing card?
Houtschild accepts all major credit cards. At the moment we only use American Express purchasing cards. All costs will be passed on.
Does HIB offer a new title service?
The New Title Service on the Houtschild website - via a logon and password - now facilitates the profiling and search for newly published books and items. This service has special emphasis on western European publications. We offer bibliographic records that contain basic data, such as bibliographic and physical descriptions and in some cases full classification in Dewey Decimal. Our database comprises over 6 million recent titles in English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, and Spanish of European origin.
Can HIB send electronic messages and electronic invoices?
Houtschild is able to send order response messages in Edifact to all of the major library systems. We can also supply electronic invoices, by way of the Edifact INVOIC message or in any other format required by the library.
How often can we expect deliveries?
Books are invoiced and shipped once a week. Urgent orders will be shipped immediately after receipt of the books.
What are your average supply times?
HIB can supply publications from Europe very quickly, since we have short lines of supply, good contacts with the major European publishers and we receive deliveries several times a week.  
Does HIB provide status reports on outstanding orders?
Reports are sent to the library on a weekly basis by email. We receive status reports from publishers regularly and an automated list of orders that need claiming is generated every day.
Consolidated reports are available on request.